Whitee Stories

Whitee Stories

We have our own blog now! Whitee Stories is made to keep our Rebels up to date and to spoil them with interesting articles.


“Fashion Revolution Week 2020 x Whitee Clothing”

Happy Fashion Revolution Week!


“COVID-19 x Whitee Clothing”

Don’t worry, this isn’t an opinion piece about what we think of the measures that are taken or what you can do to stay healthy during COVID-19. So what are we going to talk about in this Whitee Story? Keep reading, Rebels.

black friday whitee

“Whitee x Black Friday & Cyber Monday”

Why we hate these days.

image on Whitee Stories bpost

“Plastic free shiping: Whitee x Bpost Sustainable Fashion Bags”

Why we believe every clothing company should ship plastic-free.

image on Whitee Stories d03 Img Tennis Court

“The man behind the camera”

Read all about our Whitee photographer Tom Desplechin aka Kodomo.