Whitee Stories

Whitee Stories

Onze eigen blog. Whitee Stories is er om onze Rebels up-to-date te houden en ze te verwennen met interessante onderwerpen.


“Fashion Revolution Week 2020 x Whitee Clothing”

Happy Fashion Revolution Week!


“COVID-19 x Whitee Clothing”

Don?t worry, this isn?t an opinion piece about what we think of the measures that are taken or what you can do to stay healthy during COVID-19. So what are we going to talk about in this Whitee Story? Keep reading, Rebels.

black friday whitee

“Whitee x Black Friday & Cyber Monday”

Waarom we Black Friday haten.

image on Whitee Stories bpost

“Plastic free shiping: Whitee x Bpost Sustainable Fashion Bags”

Waarom wij geloven dat elke webshop plastic-vrij moet verzenden.

image on Whitee Stories d03 Img Tennis Court

“The man behind the camera”

Kom meer te weten over onze huisfotograaf Tom Desplechin aka Kodomo.

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