For all our Rebels in lockdown


“There’s two ways to approach this:

you can shut down and wait for the storm to pass, or be very proactive”

Innovative fibres for ultimate comfort

With our stay-home collection we want to make the lockdown more bearable and at the same time more sustainable.

The T-shirts are made of LENZING™ ECOVERO™ , a new exclusive fiber made of wood pulp. A more sustainable alternative to viscose, with the property that it is silky soft. Perfect as a to go comfy T-shirt in this weather. In addition, there’s recycled plastic (rPet) in the grey lady’s sweater. Up to 35% of the microplastic in the ocean comes from the textile and fashion industry.

Both are complemented by 100% certified organic cotton. T-shirts are unisex. Take care!

Stay-home T-shirt (70% ECOVERO™ Viscose , 30% Organic cotton)

Stay-home sweater (85% Organic cotton, 8% rPet, 7% Viscose)