Why we hate

Black Friday

We understand that consumers only pay attention to the huge 10-40% discounts. But do we realize how dark this day actually is?

black friday whitee

“The global fashion industry is extremely energy-consuming, polluting and wasteful. Despite some modest progress, fashion hasn’t yet taken its environmental responsibilities”

(McKinsey & Business of Fashion: ‘The state of Fashion 2020’)

A letter to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Dear Black Friday.

You’re a day that encourages

over-consumpttion, waste and other environmental problems.

Fuelling the fire for mindless consumption and tempting us with sales.

Much of this is for items that are already ridiculously low cost to the

consumer, which means that someone

(actually many “someones”),

somewhere is paying the price tag for our consumption habits. Trust us, it isn’t the companies.

As a starting fashion business, it’s

very tempting to go with the flow and participating in the marketing story

behind Black Friday.

But that’s not what Whitee’s about. “Changing the world starts with ourselves”, so even as a minor starter we need to set some examples

to the fashion industry. That’s why we’ve been giving out free

shipping all week with the discount code ‘Rebel’.

We’re donating the shipping

fee to fashionrevolution.org, an organization that is fighting for a better fashion industry.


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